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Ellangowan Hotel Bar
Ellangowan Hotel Bar
Wicker Man Framed Still

Creetown is the home of the Ellangowan Hotel which was used for the interiors of the Green Man Inn on Summerisle. 

These are the scenes where Britt Ekland first appears as Willow, the Landlord's daughter and the islanders sing their bawdy songs while Sergeant Howie looks on disgusted.

While the hotel has clearly been modernised the bar area is still the same and the sliding door behind the bar through which Willow first makes her appearance is still there.

There are also some lovely framed pictures of scenes from the film and although it seems the collection has reduced in number in recent years since a change of ownership it is still well worth a visit for WM fans.

The Creetown bakery was also used in the film for a short scene where Howie is searching for Rowan and is shown a baked John Barlycorn loaf.

If you go to Creetown, make sure you make a point of visiting the Heritage Museum - although mostly dedicated to the history of the village, it does have a Wicker Man section including a 12 ft tall model of the Wicker Man complete with a Sergeant Howie inside. 

Wicker Man Framed Stills


Green Man Inn (lower interior)


"Much has been said of the strumpets of yore / Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score / But I sing of a baggage that we all adore / The Landlord's daughter...."

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