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High St Gallery Kirkcudbright
Alleyway Kirkcudbright
High Street Gallery Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright (pronounced Ker-cud-bree) is a beautiful harbour town in the estuary of the River Dee on the North Solway shore.


The town was used in the filming of a number of scenes in The Wicker Man, prominent amongst them, the Church which Howie attends in the opening scenes, May Morrison's Post Office and Sweetshop and the scenes where Sergeant Howie searches for Rowan. 

Many of the locations have changed little since the film was made in 1972-73.

Alleyway Kirkcudbright
Alleyway Kirkcudbright


Sergeant Howie's Church


May Morrison's Shop

Alleyways / Search for Rowan

Meeting Place for the May Day Procession

"He's got your horrid old sore throat now hasn't he poor creature. Can't you hear him croaking? 

Can I do anything for you Sergeant?"

"Oh I doubt it, seeing as you're all raving mad"

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