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Located at the very tip of the Whithorn peninsula about 6 miles from Whithorn itself is Burrowhead Holiday Village. The rugged cliffs overlooking the Solway Firth were an ideal setting for the climactic scenes of the Wicker Man.

The hole in the ground where Sergeant Howie and Rowan emerge, as if from the cave at the beach, was simply a hole in the ground (dug out by the film crew it is said) but is now partly filled in.


Two wicker men were built for the film, the larger one is now completely gone, only some concrete supports, now grown over, remain. The second man was smaller and used for close ups of Howie shouting down at the villagers as the fires are burning around him. It was also used for the final shot where the wicker man's burning head topples over to reveal the setting sun.

The concrete base and two wooden stumps are all that remain of the second wicker man today. The remaining stumps were originally about 5ft high until someone cut them down and removed them in 2006. You can also make out the letters "WM" and "1972" carved into the concrete base.



Howie and Rowan's escape from the Cave


The Wicker Man

"Welcome fool, you have come of your own free will to the appointed place. The game is over." 


"Animals are fine but their acceptability is limited. A little child is even better but not nearly as effective as the right kind of adult."

"I am a Christian, as and as a Christian I hope for resurrection, and even if you kill me now, it is I who will live again.....not your damned apples." 

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