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Plockton Harbour

Plockton, a village on the shores on Loch Carron in the Western highlands of Scotland, was used as the harbour of Summerisle where Sergeant Howie first lands in his seaplane.

The village wasn't big enough to be used convincingly as Summerisle itself and instead Kirkcudbright was used for the main part of the fictional island.

Due to its location, Plockton benefits from a mild climate which allows certain types of palm tree to prosper. The palm trees seen in the Wicker Man are real and can still be seen in the village.

Plockton Harbour


Summerisle Harbour

"I, as you can see, am a Police Officer. A complaint has been registered by a resident of this island about a missing child.


Now that makes it a police matter, private property or not.


Now will you send the dinghy please?"

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