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Castle Kennedy Gardens & Lochinch

Castle Kennedy Gardens
Castle Kennedy Gardens
Castle Kennedy Gardens

Situated just off the A75 about 5 miles from Stranraer, Castle Kennedy Gardens are beautiful landscaped gardens created in the early 18th century by the 2nd Earl of Stair. 

The standing stone circle and the May Day procession were filmed in the gardens. The standing stones used in the film were props but the mound on which they stood can clearly be seen today - it sits at the bottom of the long green running down from the Castle Kennedy ruin. The location used for May Day procession is also still very recognisable.

Lochinch Castle, still home to the Earl and Countess of Stair and their family, was used for the interior of Lord Summerisle's castle. Unfortunately Lochinch Castle is not open to the public.

Castle Kennedy Gardens
Lochinch Castle


Lord Summerisle's Castle (interiors)

Standing stone circle

May day procession

"Good afternoon Sergeant Howie. I trust the sight of the young people refreshes you?"

" No sir, it does not refresh me."



"What's the matter with you McGregor, do you call that dancing. Cut some capers man! Use your bladder!"

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